• Monywa
  • Sagaing Region
  • Mon 12:19 am
  • MMKyats
  • Burmese

General Information About Monywa

• Monywa is situated about 136km to the west of Mandalay.

• It’s also the commercial center.

• A picturesque town on the Chinewin River, Monywa is known as a typical unspoilt Myanmar town and it is only a three hours drive from Mandalay.

• On the way to Monywa and before you reach the town there is unusual Buddhist temple complex on 37 acres of land called Mohnyin Thanbiddhay. Monywa also famous for Pho Win Taung (Mt. Pho Win), Mt. Shwe Ba where the entire mountain was carved into caves, niches, staircases and Buddha Images.