• Bago
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General Information About Bago

• Bago lies 80 km (50 miles) north – east of Yangon.

• It was an ancient capital of Mon Kingdom in 15th century and knows as Hanthawaddy Kingdom under the Mon.

• It is capital city of Bago division;

• Bago by car on a newly up graded six lane high way, it takes about 1h30min drive to get Bago from Yangon and also reach by train.

• Bago can do day’s trip the most famous site are Kyakhatwine monastery, Shwe tha lyaung Reclining Buddha which has 55m long, Shwemawdaw pagoda, 28 m high huge Buddha image of Kyaikpun, the Mon old Palace site(Kanbawzathadi Palace), Hinn Tha Gone Pagoda and Bago market.