Inle Lake is situated in Shan State of North Eastern Mvanmar.


The spiritual centre of the lake is the massive Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda. The modern construction contains five Buddha statues. The festival of this pagoda is around October of the year. The festival takes about 18 days. It is the biggest occasion held in the Inle Lake¸ Shan State. The festival is held with great magnificence and pageantry. The holy Buddha’s images are placed on a decorated royal barge and toward by leg-rowers around the lake. When the karaweik (the mythical bird barge) starts its journey across the lake it is joined by several boats which are beautifully decorated with umbrellas and ornaments. As the karaweik does not go to every village, people residing in adjacent villages are the ones who converge on the lake area to see the spectacular event and pay homage to the Buddha. There are also Shan traditional boat races participated by leg-rowers. These participants come from all over the lake and the nearby villages.